How does YBJ ensure quality

We conduct a comprehensive checking for ali the products before shipping, and strictly control each procedure to ensure the reliability and stability of our products.

Advanced Materials

We use heavy duty commercial grade high quality 18 OZ PVC vinyl material. While our superior design and constructior ensures a high quality ofthe products, we control every step of the production process,We pioneered and developed new safety futures and enforcement techniques unique to our products to ensure years of use.

Reinforcing Seam

reinforced with an additionaltwo-inch wide strip of vinyl.These seam with double & triple double stitch, this creates 4-6 layers of strength.

Seiko sewing

sewing with 9 shares bonded nylon thread to strenghten the quality. No raw edges, all seams are hemmed where applicable.

Quality Inspection

We built a safety flap in the trachea just to be safe. The valve flap will help prevent air loss too quickly.Comply with CE/UL certification, safe to use.

Digitial Printing

with our large format high and digitial printers we deliver he finest custom signage and large-format digitial graphic solutions available Further more, we make a liquid protecting film on the surface of digital printing that make our inflatables stand heads.

Safe And Reliable

High quality foam steps used on all walkways and climbs.When it comes to inflatables, quality matters. YBJ ensures appeal, promising a memorable and worry-free experience. each inflatable meets the highest standards of durability, safety, and aesthetic

Strong pull

BuckleUse stainless steel pull ring, solid and durable.At YBJ, safety is non-negotiable. Our inflatables undergo rigorous testing to ensure they not only meet but exceed safety standards, providing a secure environment for endless fun.

Endless Color Possibilities

YBJ’s commitment to quality extends to color longevity. Our inflatables are crafted with durable, fade-resistant materials, ensuring your chosen colors stay brilliant through countless adventures.

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